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1663 Route 12 Gales Ferry, CT


Captain Computer

            We   have   been   the   premier   computer   repair   facility   for laptops,    desktops,    printers,    monitors    and    Apple    Products    in South   Eastern   Ct   for   over   25   Years.   We   are   located   in   Gales Ferry   CT      directly   across   the   street   from   Dunkin   Donuts   on route   12   just   north   of   the   New   London   US   Navy   Submarine Base.   If   no   one   else   can   fix   it   or   supports   it,   we   are   the   shop that   can.”    From   the   newest   gaming   computers   to   the   oldest networks   that   still   exist   in   many   industries,   we   have   a   large collection   of   obscure   old   parts   and   access   to   the   the   latest technology   at   competitive   prices.   We   custom   build   some   of   the strongest   and   most   reliable   computer   work   horses   your   hobbies or business could put to use.          The   owner   of   Captain   Computer   is   Peter   Wilbanks   who   has been    part    of    the    computer    world    long    before    Apple    and Microsoft    were    household    names.    Peter    got    his    primary computer   training   in   the   United   States   Navy   and   perfected   his trouble   shooting   skills   under   the   rigors   of   multiple   cold   war deployments   as   a   submariner.   He   has   been   awarded   multiple Presidential   Citations   for   his   military   and   civilian   contributions as   a   member   of   our   nations   silent   service.   He   was   honorably discharged  and is A+ certified.
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Please contact our retail location for rates and pricing @ 860 464 5330 FREE Consultation with any business inquires
For more info on out repair services RASPBERRY PI   A single board computer that has been around for a few years now. for more info on PC Training click here. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE    Over the recent years Captain Computer has expanded our services to include Video Surveillance Installations and cellphone monitoring. DATA RECOVERY We highly recommend that you stay vigilant on creating and maintaining back ups of your important data. PC DESIGN AND BUILDS At Captain Computer we are firm believers that your computer should be the last thing in life that lets you down. ON SITE IT SERVICES  Captain Computer will come to your home or place of business and provide you with all of our top notch services. HOME AUTOMATION   A single board computer that has been around for a few years now. POS SYSTEMS   A single board computer that has been around for a few years now. CRACKED SCREENS We can take care of most broken tablet, laptop and phone touch screens in 24 hours. ELECTRONIC RECYCLING Like you we respect our mother earth and try to do what is right with her resources. This is why we are an electronic and PC recycling center that will collect your…