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Captain Computer

            We   have   been   the   premier   computer   repair   facility   for laptops,    desktops,    printers,    monitors    and    Apple    Products    in South   Eastern   Ct   for   over   25   Years.   We   are   located   in   Gales Ferry   CT      directly   across   the   street   from   Dunkin   Donuts   on route   12   just   north   of   the   New   London   US   Navy   Submarine Base.   If   no   one   else   can   fix   it   or   supports   it,   we   are   the   shop that   can.”    From   the   newest   gaming   computers   to   the   oldest networks   that   still   exist   in   many   industries,   we   have   a   large collection   of   obscure   old   parts   and   access   to   the   the   latest technology   at   competitive   prices.   We   custom   build   some   of   the strongest   and   most   reliable   computer   work   horses   your   hobbies or business could put to use.          The   owner   of   Captain   Computer   is   Peter   Wilbanks   who   has been    part    of    the    computer    world    long    before    Apple    and Microsoft    were    household    names.    Peter    got    his    primary computer   training   in   the   United   States   Navy   and   perfected   his trouble   shooting   skills   under   the   rigors   of   multiple   cold   war deployments   as   a   submariner.   He   has   been   awarded   multiple Presidential   Citations   for   his   military   and   civilian   contributions as   a   member   of   our   nations   silent   service.   He   was   honorably discharged  and is A+ certified.
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Please contact our retail location for rates and pricing @ 860 464 5330 FREE Consultation with any business inquires


      Captain   Computer   Repairs   all   makes   and   models   of   computers   and computer   related   equipment,   from   Macs   to   PCs,   monitors,   printers   of all   sizes   and   types,   tablets   and   scanners.   We   have   35   years   of   real world   computer   system   repair   and   design   experience.   Our   knowledge base   is   built   off   a   United   States   Navy   Nuclear   Submarine   Data   Systems Technician training foundations and a computer science college degree.       Our   rates   are   competitive   with   the   local   shops   and   the   corporate   box   stores   for   all   our   services.   When   it   comes down   to   it,   who   are   you   going   to   trust   to   properly   install,   design,   fix   or   save   your   computer   equipment   and   data. A 25 year old kid or Captain Computer with 35 years of repair and design experience.       Our   Daily   bread   and   butter   comes   from   the   removal   of   spy   ware,   ransom   ware,   viruses   and   other   malicious software   and   repairing   corrupt   software   and   files.   Captain   Computer   makes   sure   all   your   updates   are   updated and   your   anti   virus   protection   is   current   and   up   to   date.   We   currently   are   using   Kaspersky   Anti   Virus   software   as a shop default. ON SITE SERVICES AND BUSINESS SUPPORT          Captain   Computer   will   come   to   your   home   or   place   of   business   and provide   you   with   all   of   our   top   notch   services.   Local   Gales   Ferry   residents are   charged   the   same   as   our   in   store   rates.   Prolonged   repairs   will   be brought   back   to   the   shop   and   its   issues   will   be   addressed   on   our   test   bench. We   service   a   wide   range   of   businesses   in   New   London   County.   Just   call   860 464   5330   and   someone   will   be   more   than   happy   to   come   to   your   location, some   fees   do   apply.   We   do   not   lock   you   into   any   kind   of   service   contracts.   We   believe   our   service   fees   are   fair and reasonable and our quality of services will keep you calling for all your computer and network support. CUSTOM COMPUTER DESIGN AND BUILDS          At   Captain   Computer   we   are   firm   believers   that   your   computer   should   be   the last   thing   in   life   that   lets   you   down.   When   we   design   and   build   computers   for your   business,   home   or   gaming   needs   we   strive   to   use   the   most   reliable manufactures   components   that   are   available   and   on   the   market.   We   are   able to   do   this   because   of   our   25   years   of   professional   relationships   with   some   of the   finest   suppliers   and   manufacturers   representatives   in   the   business.   We have   learned   what   companies   products   stand   up   and   perform   at   price   points   that   make   sense.   Plus   we   spend many    hours    reading    and    absorbing    computer    related    information    from    the    most    trusted    manufacturers, magazines, websites and suppliers. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE          Over   the   recent   years   Captain   Computer   has   expanded   our   services   to   include   Video Surveillance   Installations   and   cellphone   monitoring.   We   have   installed   may   systems   in private   homes   and   businesses.   Due   to   his   extensive   computer   background   he   can integrate   the   monitoring   of   your   assets   to   your   home   computer   and/or   smart   phones   for convenient viewing any where in the world.
We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner
DATA RECOVERY          We   highly   recommend   that   you   stay   vigilant   on   creating   and maintaining   back   ups   of   your   important   data.   Hard   Drives   are mechanical   objects   that   can   fail   and   do   fail   without   any   warning   at all.      There   are   many   ways   to   backup   your   files.   You   can   burn   them to    CD’s/DVD’s,    Load    it    on    thumb/jump    drives,    install    a    raid configuration,    use    external    hard/cloud    drives    and    there    are    a variety   of   on   line   services   available.   We   would   be   happy   to   help you find an easy solution based on your usage and needs.          In   the   event   of   a   failure   you   have   little   reason   to   panic   if   you lose   your   hard   drive   and   you   don’t   have   a   current   back-up   of   your work   files,   family   Photos   and   musics   files.   Captain   Computer   has about   a   75%   success   rate      at   in   house   recovery,   It   depends   on   the severity   of   the   crash.   Its   takes   a   lot   of   time   and   talent   to   perform such   recoveries,   luckily   Captain   Computer   has   a   lot   of   experience in   this   field.   If   we   can’t   recover   it   all   is   not   lost   we   do   have   our talented   fiends   at   Gillware   that   specialize   in   higher   levels   of   data recovery.
COMPUTER TRAINING       Do   to   the   constantly   evolving   nature   of   the   new   computer   age   we have    noticed    a    large    percentage    of    our    customers    are    either intimidated    or    unaware    of    the    latest    capabilities    of    our    many digital   devices.   We   are   offering   private   1   on   1   tutoring   sessions   for any   of   your   devices   for   any   programs   you   are   having   trouble utilizing   or   wanting   to   incorporate   into   your   daily   life.   Just   call   us and   set   up   an   appointment.   We   can   do   the   training   at   your   home or our office. Rates vary based on schedules, dates, and distances.
RASPBERRY PI   A   single   board   inexpensive   computer   that   has been     around     for     a     few     years     now.       Raspberry   PI   is   probably   the   most   popular of   the   boards.   These   boards/computers   all have   their   strengths   and   shortcomings.   Let   Computer   help   advise   you   on   making   the   best choice   of   components      that   will   best   fit   your   project.   The   PI   is   an incredibly    versatile    computer    thanks    to    the    large    selection    of sensors.   parts   and   DIY   projects   that   are   available   to   you   all   over the net.
DIGITAL SIGNS     With    the    evolution    of    technology    it    was    inevitable    that    paper posters   and   banners   would   be   replaced   with   state   of   the   art   digital screens.   We   have   the   tools   and   experience   to   create   and   display your   digital   message   or   presentation   on   most   any   device   available today.   Whether   its   still   graphics   or   recorded   video   we   can   design, film,   edit,   record   the   content   you   need   to   get   you   message   across.   Let   us   share   our   knowledge   with   you   and help   you   to   determine   what   equipment   will   work   best   for   your   needs.   We   understand   what   it   takes   to   look professional   and   keep   a   modern   image   on   a   small   business   budget.   Custom   designed   packages   based   on   your budget.