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We   provide   in   store   data   recovery   services   and   have   been   for   over   30   years.   We   highly   recommend   that   you   stay vigilant   on   creating   and   maintaining   back   ups   of   your   important   data.   Hard   Drives   are   mechanical   objects   that   can fail   and   do   fail   without   any   warning   at   all.      There   are   many   ways   to   backup   your   files.   You   can   burn   them   to CD’s/DVD’s,   Load   it   on   thumb/jump   drives,   install   a   raid   configuration,   use   external   hard/cloud   drives   and   there   are   a variety   of   on   line   services   available.   We   would   be   happy   to   help   you   find   an   easy   solution   based   on   your   usage   and needs.          In   the   event   of   a   hard   drive   failure   you   have   little   NO   reason   to   panic   if   you   are   vigilant   in   doing   your   back   ups.   if you   do   suffer   a   hard   drive   crash   and   you   don’t   have   a   current   back-ups   of   your   work   files,   family   Photos   and   musics files.   Captain   Computers   highly   trained   expert   has   about   a   incredibly   high   success   rate   at   in   house   recovery.   Of course   It   depends   on   the   severity   of   the   crash.   Its   takes   a   lot   of   time   and   talent   to   perform   such   recoveries,   luckily Captain   Computer   has   a   lot   of   experience   in   this   field.   If   we   can’t   recover   it   all   is   not   lost   we   do   have   our   talented fiends at Gillware that specialize in higher levels of data recovery.